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Guarantee #1: Use my System for 60 days ON ME. If you do not get the fastest results you’ve ever seen… no matter what your goals are (increase total size, your length, or your girth)… I will give you 100% of your money back… OR:

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I stand behind not only my product, but my commitment to YOU and your success.

That’s how absolutely positive I am Penis Enlargement Remedy will revolutionise the way you view penis enlargement — as well as reinvent your penis in record time…


Only a limited amount will be sold at this price

After I release a few thousand copies as this RIDICULOUSLY low price, I know my servers will be taxed, my time with my members extended… and I will HAVE TO INCREASE THE PRICE.

See the table below for the price increase schedule… and you best order now to make sure you lock in the lowest price possible.

And I want to give you some really awesome gifts today...

I are supremely confident that I'm giving you the absolute BEST penis enlargement System ever developed.

But I'm not stopping there. I want you to be so over-the-top thrilled with your decision to claim your copy of Penis Enlargement Remedy, that I'm tossing in these incredible bonuses...


Bedroom Satisfaction Tips (Usually $67)

  • Learn the techniques to make her addicted to you
  • Master the psychology of sexuality – she’ll want to jump on you before you’re even together
  • Understand female sexual organs so that you can cause her to orgasm again and again
  • Use your fingers to get her off better than she gets herself off
  • And much, much more…


How To Become An Alpha Male (Usually $47)

It’s been scientifically proven that women prefer men who are alpha male, i.e. men who are powerful. In fact, women orgasm easier and harder with alpha males. This guide offers you a shortcut to making yourself appear alpha… Pretty soon you’ll actually BE alpha!

  • How to exude the Alpha body language that drives women wild
  • How to create fated encounters with women, so they feel it was ‘meant to be’
  • The mistakes men make that turn women off – and how to AVOID them
  • The number one secret behind striking body language
  • Alpha conversations with beautiful women to make her want you right NOW
  • How to avoid being nervous around hot women
  • And much more…


Infidelity Investigation (Usually $67)

Never get cheated on again. I mean, I’m gonna be honest with you, you’ll be the biggest catch in town when your penis is bigger. Yet, some men have been cheated on before. This system shows you how to catch a cheating lover…

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The top ten types of cheater – spot if she is one
  • How to discover the tell-tale signs of cheating
  • How to collect cues to find out if she’s honest or not
  • Phone and computer clues – and how to get proof!
  • And much more!

Plus This Free Super-Bonus!

The No-Touch Orgasm System (Usually $200)

Learn the script that can cause ordinary women to orgasm, using only the power of your voice… PLUS, anchor any word of your choosing deep inside her mind, so she cums whenever you utter it… FOR FREE!

This bonus is CRAZY. No kidding. Have you ever wanted the incredible power of giving a woman orgasms without even touching her? What about from saying a single word?

If you do want this skill, the No-Touch Orgasm System shows you how.

You’re getting – totally free – the script to cause your woman to orgasm, using just your voice. And you are also going to learn how to anchor that command, so whenever you want her to orgasm in the future, you simply repeat one word. You could be at a game, on an aeroplane, swimming, watching a concert – anything. And, once you’ve run the system on her once, you can make her orgasm whenever you wish.

This SUPER-BONUS is short, simple and can be used on your lover whenever you have a quiet moment together. It’s so effective I almost didn’t include it. This alone is worth $200. Yet, you can have it for free today!

  • Make a woman orgasm using just your voice
  • Anchor an orgasm-giving word deep in her mind, so whenever you utter it, she’ll have an explosive orgasm
  • Read & learn the script, so you can’t go wrong
  • And enjoy the power of being a true orgasm supplier, without touching her at all ;-)

"Wait a sec, why is it only $47?!"

I realize how cheap Penis Enlargement Remedy looks. And guess what? It IS worth far more than you'll be paying today. The question is, 'Why?'

The reason is more simple than you could imagine. I remember how much money I wasted. When my genius scientist friend sat me down, I knew I had the answer...

He didn't sit you down though. So I'm making this system a no-brainer for you. This is vastly under-priced. Yet, I don't want you to suffer for decades like I did. I want you to get the penis you desire today. I want you to feel empowered. To be the MAN.

Today is your opportunity. And today you don't have to worry about how much it costs. You just have to follow the steps and get the penis of your dreams. I was just like you. And guess what? Having a small penis forever is not what I desire for you.

So take advantage of my offer now. You don't have to pay $2,997 bucks on this! Today you pay just $47. I know the offer is crazy. But I'm just a guy trying to help other guys like me. So jump. Take the plunge. Make the change. And live the life-style that you've always dreamed of.

Your dream is about to become a reality.

If You Don't Take Advantage Of This Offer, I Have A Parting “Gift” For You

You’re not going to like this, but I’ve been 100% honest with you so far, so I’m not going to stop now.

My parting “gift” is a dose of reality.

You can keep doing exactly what you’re doing now. You will stay under 4 inches. I know how embarrassing that is. I’ve been there! And, you’ll remain feeling too humiliated to get the girlfriend that you so deserve!

You will be constantly wishing to be better in bed, or wishing to have a better partner.

Your sex life will be strictly limited to a few times a month as you can’t deliver the best sex possible.

You’ll be constantly insecure that any woman you’re with will cheat on you because they found a ‘bigger’ man. Or that they’ll leave you entirely. And you’ll struggle to find someone who wants to stay with you when you’re single and all alone.

The months and years will pass, and you will have LOST a golden opportunity to take advantage of a proven system… at the absolute lowest price that will ever be offered.

Sure, that’s not much of a gift… but I believe in tough love.

And, I believe in YOU. I believe that you will make the best and only decision for your greatest chance at kick-starting your sex-life, losing your reputation for being a dud in bed, and living a life full of love, incredible sex, and having a reputation that other men would KILL FOR.

When you make this wise decision, you will…

  • Wake up feeling confident, energised and with a huge, hard erection
  • Virtually never be turned down by any woman who knows about your hidden secret
  • Radically alter your confidence, moods and joy of being alive
  • Drop ALL insecurity about yourself sexually, that’s ruined your life (no matter how well you can hide it)
  • Stop women saying they have a “headache” or that you’ll have sex tomorrow, or that they are tired (again!)
  • And So Much More!

Act fast!
Your discount ends as soon as the timer runs out...

This offer end soon. Click the 'Buy Now' button to get Penis Enlargement Remedy for $47.


This is real. If you refresh your browser window you'll see that the timer doesn't reset. It can't be reset. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do the right thing for YOU

Click The "Buy Now" Button To Receive Your Special, Rock-Bottom Price Of Just $47... PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $377)

Act fast!
Your discount ends as soon as the timer runs out...

This offer end soon. Click the 'Buy Now' button to get Penis Enlargement Remedy for $47.

Yours in kindness,

Tom Candow


P.S. - Every second you wait the odds are good you will do nothing. Success in life requires action, so act right now while it's fresh in your mind...

P.S.S. - Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to put Penis Enlargement Remedy to work for you! Put this program to the test and see how it works for you. With the "no questions asked" Money Back Guarantee there's NO WAY you can lose...

My penis was always a problem for me. I used to hide my insecurity by working out. My body was (and still is) ripped. But it was my penis that let me down. I found the Penis Enlargement Remedy and it transformed my penis and my confidence. Now, I don't feel that I'm lacking anywhere. I grew by 3.5 inches and I managed to keep the woman of my dreams.
Thank you Tom!

Tom, you helped me grow by 1 1/2 inches so far. I'm merely at the beginning of my journey to get bigger. I want to add at least another inch before I stop. I love the control that this system gives me. I can choose how much you grow. This is a revelation, because I can control where I want to grow. I'm blown away by this system. It's changed my world.

Click The "Buy Now" Button To Receive Your Special, Rock-Bottom Price Of Just $47... PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $377)

Act fast!
Your discount ends as soon as the timer runs out...

This offer end soon. Click the 'Buy Now' button to get Penis Enlargement Remedy for $47.

  • Is Payment Secure?

Yes. We use a 128-bit encryption through third-party payment processor experts, Clickbank. You can’t get more secure than that.

  • Does this really work?

Yes. Stem cells are at the cutting edge of science. They’re our future. In the future, they’ll probably be used to cure cancer, heart disease, brain damage and a whole host of other issues. Using them for something as simple as penis enlargement is obvious!

  • What if I see no growth?

For whatever reason, about 1.5% of people don’t enjoy the Penis Enlargement Remedy. We give no-questions-asked refunds for anyone who’s unhappy with the product. Follow the system, though, and results will come…

  • How Long Does growth take?

That depends on things like age, health etc. You should start to see results within weeks. In the main guide is a breakdown based on a number of factors. Everyone sees growth, from 18 year olds to 80 year olds, from skinny guys to big men!

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You won't regret it!

This offer end soon. Click the 'Buy Now' button to get Penis Enlargement Remedy for $47.

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