How To Last Longer In Bed For Men Naturally

How To Last Longer In Bed For Men Naturally


How can I last longer in bed? This is the single question that a majority of men are curious to find the answer so that they can please their lovers. The number of posts published online so far on this topic suggests that many guys are curious to know how they can prolong the sexual activity.

If you are a gentleman and you are thinking on how to last longer in bed naturally, you are in the right place. The plain truth is that each year, millions of men struggle with sexual performance related problems. And let us be real here- a majority of guys would want to avoid controversial prescription drugs such as Cialis and Viagra if natural ways can work. In this post, we will look at tips on how to last longer in bed for men naturally.

Before you get to try anything naturally to elongate your experience in bed, it is imperative to that you eliminate any pre-existing medical conditions which might be contributing to your intimacy problems. You will be stunned to know that the minor issues such as cold will have a great impact on your performance in bed. Therefore, before you decide to try any of these tips listed in this article, make an appointment with your doctor. In case you are taking medications, always remember that some drugs can be the cause of the problems that you experience in bed. This is especially true if you are taking antidepressants. We will now look at a few tips on how to last longer in bed for men naturally.

1. Become More Mindful Of Touch: 

Being aware of your lover is vital to lasting for an extended period in bed naturally. This means having a complete focus to what is taking place in your surroundings and inside you.

2. Edging:

This is a term that is used to describe the old-style ‘star-stop’ method. Simply put, when you feel that you are about ejaculate, just halt, and thinking of something else that is not erotic. Try and divert your mind to something boring such as multiplications. This will take some time to perfect it, so do not expect incredible results overnight. In case you are used to pleasuring yourself, you can get to learn this trick on your own. Always remember that lasting for longer periods in bed is something that is learned over time.

3. Stop Watching Porn:

The need for visual stimulation is one of the reasons why some guys have a really hard time when it comes to lasting longer in bed. Men are graphic images. With that said, if you have become too much dependent on graphic cues so as to perform well, you are making it difficult for you to be mindful of your partner. Watching a few videos is okay from time to time, however, if its means that you will need digital images to ‘man up’, you will have to avoid them altogether.

4. Use Sensate Focus(SF):

In 1960’s the practice of SF (sensate focus) was introduced by Masters and Johnson. Sensate focus is the act of touching a partner in a manner that is arousing and without finishing the act through ultimate ejaculation. By using mindfulness, you will primarily become aroused by experiencing the diverse parts of your lover’s body and in return, permitting them to do the same.

5. Exercise Regularly:

Stamina is an essential component when it comes to lasting longer in bed. Nonetheless, you cannot achieve stamina without endurance being part of the equation. Select a workout plan that will fit your lifestyle and goals in life. It is imperative to state here that retaining a healthy weight does have an effect on your general performance in bed.

6. Concentrate On Your Partner:

You can try getting out of your comfort zone or your normal routine, and focus entirely on your partner until she reaches her climax. This does not mean that you will not be experiencing an ultimate release. Though, it does mean that you will be taking more pressure from yourself and directing it to her. Assess how things have usually flowed and then change it and let it be about her first. Let her be your primary focus in bed.

7. Change Locations:

At times, individuals come to an instance of the ‘same old-same olds’. If you have been doing it in the same place all-year round, it is bound to get monotonous and dull. You can try something different and out of the ordinary. Intimacy does not have to be only limited to your bedroom. There are several interesting places that would prove thrilling for both of you. Just use your imagination and you will not be disappointed.

8. Consume Vegetables And Fruits:

It is no mystery that vegetables and fruits have nourishing vitamins and nutrients. What you may not understand is that you will be helping yourself last much longer in the bedroom when you consume these type of foods regularly. Good picks include strawberries and bananas.

9. Reduce Your Sugar Intake: 

Sugar will increase your energy levels. However, in the end, the sugar buzz will fade away and this will send you and your Johnson downhill. These sugar crashes will leave you fatigued.

10. Get Plenty Of Rest:

When we are exhausted, we are more nervous. This is not precisely the kind of feeling that you would want if you are looking for ways to lasting for extended periods in bed naturally. Try to get 8 hours of sleep every night. If getting 8 hours of sleep is not possible, aim for 7 hours. Lack of sleep can negatively impact your performance in bed.

11. Self-Esteem: 

Finally, the level of your self-esteem can also have an effect on what occurs behind closed doors. It is necessary to contemplate upon your own self-view and avoid any negative self-talk in your mind. Consulting a therapist or any other helping expert can be of great benefit to you.


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