how to get stronger erections

Do you normally experience premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction? This can be frustrating especially when you keep on thinking about it. Sex is a basic need, but if you cannot perform well in bed, it can make you live a stressful life. Erectile dysfunction is normal but should not worry you anymore since it can be avoided. Are in the urge of turning your sex life from something that makes you anxious to something you hungrily crave for? Do you want to beat the sex challenge and always satisfy your partner sexually?

You do not have to keep on giving excuses like ��’Sorry I am so tired’’, ��’I feel so drunk’’, or ��’I came so quickly because you are so sexy’’.
It is the time you take actions that will make you have a stronger penis so that you can be able to hold for long and satisfy your partner. Great sex is all about have strong and long lasting erections.

Before I discuss on how to strengthen your penis may be you might be wondering whether it is possible. You may have tried it before but failed. The truth is you can make your penis stronger if you follow the right tips on how to get stronger erections.

About 30 to 60% of your penis is made of muscles, referred to as smooth muscle tissues. Just like other muscles your penis can shrink or grow depending on how you exercise it. Some individuals feel frustrated and embarrassed when they cannot perform in bed a problem that makes to go for quick fixes available over the counter. Try and avoid over counter quick fixes since they are not natural and can end worsening your problem.

The over counter pills usually have short term effect but will not work for you in future leaving you in worse condition than you were before. The pills can make you have extra hard erections which can be very painful as a result you end up losing sensation. To avoid undergoing all these troubles here are useful tips on how to get stronger erections.

What to avoid:

Get rid of stressing things in your life

Stress hits you exactly where it hurts. Stress usually raises cortisol levels in the body which can result in reduced sex drive. For you to have great sex drive, you need to be relaxed and happy. Sex requires optimal overall body performance thus any factor that can make your stressed such as overworking, poor lifestyle, among other life challenges, can affect your sexual performance.

Quit watching porn

Studies have shown that excessive usage of porn can have a negative impact on your sexual performance. Watching porn too much can reduce your erectile ability, strength and also make it hard to get aroused. If you really want to have strong erections and become a beast in bed it high time you put away all the pornographic materials.

Many people are aware that movies are not real, but a few have ever thought whether porn is real. Shooting and editing a porn movie can take weeks for it to be perfect thus if try comparing yourself with those porn stars you will just end up getting frustrated. It is unrealistic to haves sex for hours without taking a break as it is shown in porn movies. Sex requires a lot of energy thus need to take a break and also be well hydrated. You should not let the pornographic movies mislead you with ideas of unrealistic performance.

Stop focusing on ejaculation

Mont individuals find quickies to be fun but if you always masturbate aiming to ejaculate you make your penis weak since the muscles are not fully exercised.

Mental things to do:

Listen to your subconscious mind

It is crucial that you pay attention to your inner thought when you are about to have sex. Sometimes thinking of how your sex will be like whether it will better than last time might affect your sex drive. If you are afraid that you will not perform well, you might end up having a hard start. Remember that having sex is like boarding a train thus you have to be patient until you gain momentum. Everyone takes a while before becoming physically ready to have an intercourse thus you need to be patient until you ready both mentally and physically.

Be ready to face your erection problems

If you have been having erections for a while, it’s good to let your partner be aware of your condition. It can be embarrassing and difficult to discuss your erection issues with your partner if you have been hiding it, and she asks you unexpectedly. Most ladies may assume that you are not having erections since you do not find them attractive. Therefore, to maintain a healthy relationship you should mention your problems early enough before tension starts building up.

What you need to do physically:

Kegel exercises

These are exercises that involve holding and flexing muscles that hold urine since they help to strengthen your genitals. Doing kegel exercises for several weeks can be great in strengthening your penis. You should gradually increase levels of difficulties to make your muscles much stronger.
Masturbate without porn

The best way to reconnect with your cork is masturbating without porn. Porn usually takes away the mind from physical sensation since it is an external stimulus. You need to use your imagination without external influence to get aroused. If you are aware of your arousal sensation, then you can have control over your erections and sexual performance.

Deep breathing

Holding breath can make your muscles tense resulting in quick ejaculation. However, if you want to have strong and long lasting erections keep on breathing deeply when having sex. Breathing deeply into your belly helps the muscles to relax and also boosting your sensation feelings towards your partner.

Weak erections can ruin your sexual life making you a miserable person. Low sex drive and incapability to satisfy your partner can lower your self-esteem and confidence thus ruining your happy life. However, it’s normal to experience low sex drive thus the existence of so many solutions to this problem. Unfortunately, not all the solutions offered out there really work thus the reason I gave the above tips. However for more comprehensive insight on how you can boost your sex performance by having strong and long lasting erections you can consider looking for Get And Stay Hard by “Jack Grave“. This is a great guide that goes for $99 but is now on offer with $50 discount thus you can get it at $49. Do not let your poor performance in bed make you a miserable man the above tips on how to get stronger erections are the solutions to your problems.

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