How To Get Harder Erections

Sex is an essential part of our daily life; specifically for men. Nonetheless, a majority of men are experiencing penis-related issues for instance diabetes, heart diseases, and erection. It for that reason that we are going to examine different tips that you can use to get much harder erections, and we hope that these tips will naturally improve your overall sex life with your lover. Just go on reading this post and you will get to know how easy it can be to get harder erections.

How to Get Harder Erections Using Natural Techniques

1. Controlling Your Weight: 

When it comes to the sex, your waistline plays an essential role. A majority of men who are obese will experience numerous health issues for instance stroke, and diabetes. Definitely, these men will experience some difficulty when it comes to sex performance. This is because, the more the weight they add, the lesser the erections that they will get. In case you are overweight, try to reduce your weight as soon as possible if you absolutely want a more fulfilled sexual life.

2. Check On Your Health Issues:

A few health issues for instance high blood pressure and high cholesterol have a big influence on your overall sex ability. These diseases will significantly destroy your blood vessels that take blood to your dick. Therefore, be sure that you regularly check your health problems, specifically cholesterol and blood pressure level. You can also check the level of blood by utilizing pressure monitors that are sold in numerous stores.

3. Revolutionise Your Sex Life:

Good sex positions can aid you in enhancing your erection. At times, you may get bored with the conservative sex life, so you can try different things in your life. This can help in improving your sex life considerably. Be innovative and smart to alter your sex positions. You can also ask your lover to be more active in sex life or just change the environment so that you can renew your relations.

4. Minimize Stress:

Anxiety or stress is directly linked to poor performance in bed. This applies in particular to men. The minimization of stress is very essential in your daily life as it also affects your general health. If you want to get harder erections, you should try and avoid stress by relaxing.

5. Reduce Your Sensitivity:

Limiting your sensitivity when you are having sex with your partner can also help in maintaining harder erections for longer. You can wear a condom, or use your mind to limit your sensitivity. For instance, you can think of other things that are not related to sex, for instance, your plans for the weekend or the following month.

6. Limit Your Laptop Use:

For a majority of men, a laptop is a very close friend. This is one of the most common killers of erection, a fact that not many men know about. The heat that comes from the computer can considerably damage your sperms and also your erection. Therefore, do not use your laptop on your laps, just put it on the table, and use it from there.

7. Observe Dental Hygiene:

This might be surprising to many. However, if you want to have harder erections, you must remember this tip. A close connection has been uncovered by scientists between gum disease and erectile dysfunction, which is linked to heart diseases and can upset your blood flow and hygiene negatively.

8. Engage In Physical Exercises:

Physical activities are every essential for your dick. These physical exercises are aimed at supporting your abdominal muscles and, in the long run, will result in longer erections. If you have a good physique, you will feel more confident, and you will also feel more comfortable in your bedroom with your partner. Physical exercises will generally increase your sex ability and improve your sex life. Physical activities such as aerobics, running and swimming are effective exercises that you can use to get harder erections.

9. Reduce Alcohol and Quit Smoking: 

The habit of smoking is bad for your blood circulation that means if you smoke frequently, your dick cannot receive blood circulation. Excessive consumption of alcohol also inflates your prostrate and will make your dick to go numb. If you want to develop lovemaking, do not engage in binge drinking. A little alcohol is okay; however, heavy drinking can result in an array of problems from liver damage, nerve damage to other health ailments.

10. Limit Masturbation:

Did you know that excessively masturbating may cause health issues? A majority of men think that it is okay to masturbate, and it can be even helpful to them. However, masturbating is a routine that is bad, and it should not be neglected. Compulsive masturbation can negatively affect your work, relationships, self-esteem, and finances. You will end up losing balance in life, as well as pleasures and desires.

11. Increase Your Testosterone levels:

Testosterone is a hormone that plays an essential role when it comes to healing erectile function. It will significantly improve your desire with your woman and your general sex life. The lack of testosterone will result in underperformance in bed. At the age of 40, testosterone in men starts to fall. To increase the testosterone levels in your body, you will need to stop anxiety or stress, build your biceps, increase muscles, and control your weight.

12. Dark Chocolate:

Epicatechins and flavonoids are found in a bar of dark chocolate. With 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate bar daily, you can be able to increase your blood vessels by approximately 10%. Dark chocolate is also useful for those individuals who are obese. Therefore, eating dark chocolate is one of the best way of losing weight and at the same time getting harder erections.

13. Reduce Your Levels of Oestrogen:

Oestrogen is bad for men. If you want to get harder erections, you must reduce the levels of oestrogen in your body. High levels of oestrogen will significantly impair your erection control. You can lose oestrogen when you lose weight and this will improve your sexual life.

14. Be Comfortable: 

Being comfortable or relaxed in bed is a very significant part in case you want to learn how you can get harder erections. Never bring your stresses to bed and put them on your partner. Ignore the anxious feelings and try to relax. Having sex with your partner
does not has to involve you sweating excessively.


If you want to get harder erections, you do not have to purchase any expensive pills that promises heaven or go through dangerous surgeries that are not really worth it in the end. All you have to do is follow the tips above, and you will get a harder erection just like the one that you have always wanted. For a comprehensive guide on how you can get harder erections, you can get this book- ‘Get and Stay Hard’, written by Jack Grave. The book goes at $99 at your local stores; however, we are offering it here at a great discount. At only $59, you will get to save $40.

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