How To Get Erect and Stay Erect

Do you want to know How To Get Erect and Stay Erect? It happens to a majority of men all the time. In case you want to prepare yourself for sex in a matter of minutes, keep reading and find out how you can get an erection much quicker than you thought.

1. Learn To Let It Go:

In case you are finding it tricky to have an erection several times, it is possible that the problem might be caused anxiety and stress in your life. Do not tense up every muscle in your body and try to relax a bit. It is very difficult to be sexually aroused if you are constantly anxious and stressed. For a moment, give yourself a break and calm down.

2. Do Not Think About The Erection:

The fear and stress which comes from not be able to get an erection can work against all your efforts and prevent you completely from getting erect. Absolutely forget about your erection, as a matter fact stop trying to get erect. Just tell yourself that it is not going to take place now and that is still fine.

3. Fantasize About It:

As soon as you are fully relaxed and have completely forgotten about getting erect, gradually start to immerse yourself in one of your sexiest fantasy. You can shut both of your eyes if you want. Just think of whatever dirty talk or situation that really turns you on- this is different for everyone. You do not have to tell your partner. Try to be as creative with your fantasies as much possible.

4. Try Body Stimulation:

As soon as you are relaxed and already in your most forbidden fantasy, you can stimulate yourself through touch or can let your partner touch you. This would add to the excitement and can make you get an erection quickly.

We all experience erectile dysfunction at some point in life- whether while we are younger or much later in life. Getting an erection is not always possible. You do not have to sweat as these things can happen. Just relax, follow the above steps and you should get your erection in less than 10 minutes. In case it does not happen, do not worry about it, there will be other instances of great sex. If you are suffering from a chronic erectile dysfunction, you will need to visit your doctor and discuss the options that are available to remedy your problem.

How to Stay Erect for Longer In Bed

Have you ever experenced bouts of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, particularly when it counted the most to you to perform excellently? It is completely ordinary. It is also entirely avoidable. And it can even much better.

Do you want to change your sex life from something that makes you anxious to something which you can definitely crave for? Do you want to know how you can always rise to the occasion and perform when an opportunity presents itself?

You do not have to rely any much longer on flimsy excuses such as ‘I am sorry. Maybe I drank a little bit too much,’, ‘I am not in the mood today’, or ‘I came that fast because your beauty drove me over the edge’. It is the time to strengthen your dick for a better sex life. Before we delve right into the action steps which you can begin using to strengthen your cock so that you can stay erect for longer, you might be thinking. Is it even possible to remain erect for longer periods?

Is It Possible To Stay Erect For Longer Periods:

Absolutely, yes, it is easy to stay erect for longer periods, though it will take a lot of practice. Depending on your distinct genetic make-up, your dick is made up of between 30% and 60% of what is known as smooth muscle tissue. Just like any type of muscles in the body, it can shrink and grow depending on how it is used.

What You Need To Stop Doing To Stay Erect For Longer In Bed:

A lifetime full of poor sexual conditioning can make your pelvic floor muscles and thus erections very weaker than normal. However, with modest changes in your lifestyle, you can change from lacklustre to lasting much longer and even stronger in bed than ever before. Here are few tips that can help you stay erect for longer in bed:

1. Eliminate Stressors From Your Life:

A lifestyle that is stressful will hit you at a point where it hurts the most. The high levels of cortisol in your body will significantly reduce your sex drive, and it will be very difficult for you to last longer when you are with your partner. Get rid of any stressors that control your life and happiness. Must you really work those additional hours of overtime? Are there any additional responsibilities which you can politely refuse that are being assigned to you? Are you sure that you require loading up your body with caffeine, energy drinks, or coffee after every four hours?

The more balanced and relaxed of a lifestyle you have, the better you will feel generally, and you will tend to perform much better sexually. You can add several intense workouts per week in the mix and your body will appreciate it.

2. Stop Watching Porn:


Several studies have shown that excessive porn usage can negatively affect your erectile strength and can also hinder your ability to become aroused with your partner. If you really want to last longer in bed, and keep going stronger to the end of the night, eliminate porn, and after a few weeks, you will notice that your general erectile strength will increase steadily.

3. Stop Sprinting Towards Ejaculation:

At times ejaculation are amazing, but in case your method of operation is masturbation and your race to ejaculation as fast as possible, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of crucial dick strengthening time. If you are masturbating, take your time and prolong it as much as possible.


Your dick is like a barometer for how self-confident you feel in your life. In case your sexual essence is limp and soft, then so is your energy in other aspects of your life. Try the tips above and you should see some noticeable differences in your performance in bed. For a more in-depth knowledge of how you can get erect and stay erect for longer in bed, you should get this book- “Get and Stay Hard” written by Jack Grave. The book goes at $99 at the local stores, but here we are giving you a great discount, get to save $40 and purchase it at only $59! That is a pretty good deal. This book has all the tips that will make you stay erect and stronger for hours and it will improve your general performance in bed.

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